Strategic Media

IDS-Hamkaar has unique expertise in planning, developing and executing media campaigns at local, regional and national levels. IDS-Hamkaar integrates traditional platforms such as radio, television and billboards with its innovative media production, placement and distribution expertise. The creative team at IDS-Hamkaar is comprised of talented Afghan media professionals and international experts who create and deliver highly effective messages. They integrate their efforts with the overarching strategic communication objectives of clients while using local cultural nuances to multiply campaign impact and effectiveness. Narrower, more precise targeting of audiences, careful pre-testing of products and strict performance monitoring measures are central to IDS-Hamkaar’s endeavors.

  • Media Placement, Dissemination and Distribution
  • Extensive Network of Partner Organizations and Media firms across Afghanistan
  • High-quality and Culturally-Sensitive Content Writing, Producing and Dissemination in Multiple Languages
  • Creative Team of Graphic Designing Professionals
  • Expertise in Development of Highly-Focused Messages
  • Audio and Video Production