Quantitative Research

IDS-Hamkaar has extensive experience of conducting nationwide survey research and opinion polls providing clients with strategic insight, critical information and cutting-edge analysis. Since 2008, IDS-Hamkaar’s quantitative research capabilities have served the strategic information needs of a wide range of clients. IDS-Hamkaar’s diverse team of research professionals is made up of distinguished Afghan researchers and social scientists as well as international experts who have utilized innovative methods of research design and collection overcoming the many challenges of a semi-permissive environment. Together, they offer unmatched expertise across the full spectrum of research services. These include research and survey design, cluster and stratified sampling, development and testing of questionnaires, data collection all across Afghanistan including volatile districts and areas, and high-quality analysis. IDS-Hamkaar’s extensive network of field supervisors and interviewers in all 34 provinces guarantee complete local connectivity throughout Afghanistan and access to areas inaccessible to outsiders. IDS-Hamkaar’s operations are backed by stringent quality control and monitoring mechanisms ensuring high-quality research.

  • Research Design
  • Design of Stratified Samples
  • Development and Testing of Research Instruments
  • Data Collection
  • Data Coding
  • Data Entry, Verification and Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Reporting and Presentation of Results