Flexible Implementation and Assessmnt Team

IDS-Hamkaar has succeeded in creating cost-efficient and comprehensive strategies, developing the communications capacity amongst local government officials, and engaging communities in rural and urban areas. IDS-Hamkaar has pioneered engagement methods to bridge the gap between key-leader engagement and large scale communication efforts. With unique capabilities in penetrating and influencing traditionally closed communities through its extensive local network and access, IDS-Hamkaar has the ability to carry out strategic communication operations that goes well beyond informing and influencing, to achieving grass root engagement that leads to sustained behavioral changes amongst audiences.

Nation and Institution Branding Strategy
Public Diplomacy Advisory
Public Awareness Strategy, Campaign Planning and Management
Community Mobilization Strategy
Public Relations
Crisis Management Advisory
Nation and Institution Branding Strategy

Public Affairs Capacity-Building
Strategic Communication Capacity-Building
Training/Capacity-Building of corporate marketing departments in marketing and public relations

Key Leader Engagement (KLE) and Community Engagement
Rural, Provincial, National and International KLE, community mobilization
Informal Network Engagement (INE) – IDS-Hamkaar’s own engagement method
Mutanafazin Engagement

Event Management
Cultural Advisory